Modisoft Announces Game-Changing Partnership with Datalogic for Progressive Business Exploits

Modisoft, a powerhouse when it comes to point of sale software services, has taken the bold step to join ties with Datalogic, a high-flying firm in the automatic data capture and factory automation market. This bold step is taken in line with our core mission of providing our customers the best automation experience in their retail businesses and other marketing concepts.

A Union for Top-Class Automation

The era in which we find ourselves is one with so much diversity and sophistication where things and daily routines including payments are done in an easier way (automation). Modisoft refuses to let the increasing number of retail business owners out there miss out on this sophistication and what better team player other than Datalogic will be a good fit for this mission. It’s good to know that Datalogic is an outstanding and versatile performer when it comes to data collection, point of sale, and factory automation.

The coming together of these formidable giants will enhance the quality of services and help our clients achieve the purchasing decisions on high-margin products or services by their customers using top-class POS hardware and software. Now we can all envision an era where POS locations hit the upward spike and as a result, retail businesses can tap into the micro market giving everyone an equal chance of making profits.

About Modisoft

You must have heard about “point of sales” popularly known by the abbreviation POS, Modisoft deals on its hardware and software. With several gas stations, grocery stores, and other retail businesses on the rise, Modisoft has taken it upon itself to ensure that they carry out their businesses more smartly and proactively.

For over a decade, Modisoft has remained relevant to back-office operation, inventory documentation, lottery management, sales management, etc. We have an efficient and consistent workforce which has proven to be our strength over time because we are hell-bent on providing support, flawless service, and putting a smile on the faces of our customers.

About Datalogic

Datalogic is a global technology leader in the automatic data and automation market, based in the United Kingdom. They are versatile with their products and services covering a wide reach. Datalogic is specialized in the production of mobile computers (including POS hardware and software), laser marking system, and sensors for detection, RFID, and barcodes readers.

When you think of a company with top-notch service, Datalogic is one of them. Its wide range of products and services are solely for the benefits and happiness of the customers.

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