Create loyalty campaigns within one dashboard

Efficiently create and manage loyalty campaigns that invite customers to return. With the ability to oversee campaigns from any connected device, you can adjust promotions from anywhere. 

Allow customers to earn loyalty on their favorite items

View cloud-based reports in real-time to determine new loyalty campaigns. With the ability to customize rewards and develop campaigns based on updated data, you can keep on track for growth. 

Protect your bottom line with more revenue growth options 

Create more opportunity for revenue growth with customizable options for coupons and campaigns. Build and grow your customer base with coupons that match trending items and purchase habits. 

Gain valuable insights to give your best customers the ability to earn rewards

Create the ability for your best customers to earn more with tailored deals that match purchase habits. Insights provides data to manage and position campaigns that are unique to specific stores and customers. 

Give customers digital punch cards to receive discounts or free items

Provide customers with a digital punch card where they can receive free items or make purchases with discounts. More rewards encourages more sales and increases customer satisfaction.

Experience a customizable mobile interface for customers to enjoy

Provide a tailored mobile interface that invites customers in. With seamless ordering, customers will be returning for more to order their favorites.

Easily track given rewards 

View order history and easily track given rewards. With accurate data on sales, you can adjust rewards based on customer buying patterns to create unique coupons and rewards.