Discover a comprehensive system and mobile app designed for lottery management

View history reports for selected time periods 

Receive extensive reporting in all selected time periods for lottery management. You can easily track and review transactions within one convenient dashboard for more accurate monitoring capability.

Experience better lottery inventory management

With insights directly at your fingertips, you can track lottery inventory with ease. Manage transactions and streamline all processes to manage sales more efficiently.

Scan transactions directly into Insights or on our mobile app 

Keep track of lottery settlement records

Accurately track lottery settlement records from one dashboard. Synchronize information across connected devices for direct reporting from anywhere. 

Maintain an accurate record of lottery with commission

Lighten the workload by importing end numbers directly into our POS system or mobile app

Customize your dashboard with assurance in cloud-based security

Flexibly manage lottery sales with an intuitive interface

Receive automatic sales data from our POS system that takes away the need for manual processes

Produce online lotto reports and create lottery scratch offs

Synchronize and update data in real time with statistical graphics