Fast Food

Deliver next-level Fast Food service

Back Office software simplifies your business management with a secure, cloud-based, and offline POS system for you to reach more customers


We keep all similar products in one place and allow you to customize what you see on your terminal.


Even if the network goes down, you will still be able to use the POS system to continue making transactions. 


Instead of manually counting your inventory, have our system do it for you.

Get started without the hassle and keep your customers happy

Live Sales Feature

View live sales data to monitor status and performance.

Get a better understanding of your customers.

Make informed decisions about inventory, staffing, and marketing strategies based on real-time sales data.

Product Catalog

Simplify the management of your price book with our user-friendly solution.

Efficiently and precisely manage your inventory with ease.

With accurate and up-to-date pricing information readily available, you can ensure that your business remains competitive, that your profit margins are optimized, and that your customers receive fair and consistent pricing.

Kitchen Display System

Use our our comprehensive order management system to optimize your kitchen workflow.

Enhance team efficiency by incorporating the KDS into your current management system.

Empower staff with customizable KDS system to elevate customer experience.


Streamline expense management by seamlessly integrating your bank account with Insights.

Effortlessly generate printed checks with our user-friendly and efficient printing solution.

Effortlessly monitor your credit payments with precision using Insights.

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Our Best Features: Your Competitive Advantage

Order Page

Improve POS operations with our user-friendly order page. Customization options, analytical tools, and a user-friendly interface help businesses make informed decisions, reduce errors, and ultimately increase revenue.

Mobile Point-of-Sale

Streamline your business with our Point-of-Sale Solution for tablets and smartphones.

Take advantage of the convenience and power of an Modisoft POS system on your mobile device.

Intuitive interface and powerful features, including order management and sales reporting.

Improve customer experience and increase efficiency.

Digital Menu

Modisoft Digital Menu Boards let you embrace the
future while making a positive impression of your business.


Streamlined payroll management for businesses of all sizes


Cartzie keeps things nice and automated. Whenever your customers use the Cartzie loyalty features, the information goes through the Modisoft software. This allows the system to build a picture of your regulars’ preferences and spending patterns, and that helps you build the best sales campaigns and give your customers the offers they want.

Build customer profiles for your regulars to give them the best experience

Track customer activity on the app to better inform your sales strategies

Take your shopping experience to the next level with our relevant products


Modisoft optimizes your administrative tasks with easy payroll, inventory management and automated performance reports. 

Point of Sale

Keep things running smoothly at checkout for your customers, your employees and yourself. Modisoft’s mPOS is fast, elegant and intuitive.


Extend your Location’s reach with pick-up and delivery orders! Your customers can build certain loyalty points, and you get more visibility.


Taking payments with Modisoft is secure and easy for everyone, whether it’s cash, card or mobile. 


Modisoft keeps it simple: you get everything you need up-front, no extra fees for necessary hardware or installation.


Point of Sale

Digital Menu



$ 59 / mo if paid annually
$69/month if paid monthly

Ideal for

Cafe & Bakeries
Fast Food
Full Service
Fast Casual

A Competitive Advantage

Boost Foot Traffic and Engagement with Cartzie
Curbside Pickup, Delivery, Drive Thru, In-Location Loyalty, Coupons and Deals.

$ 59 / Per Month

What Sets Modisoft Apart?

Live Sales

Instantly view full transaction receipts from your registers directly on your phone and on your PC.

Price On-the-Go

Maintain your price book by locating and updating items efficiently.


Now you can seamlessly print payroll checks, track and manage timesheets and record extensive payroll reports.

Multi-Location Capability

Keep track of all your locations within the convenience of one POS system.

Price Books

Change prices and add items and promotions at all your locations from one screen with our central price book functionality.


Efficiently utilize the Modisoft app to obtain detailed shrinkage reports and track inventory.

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To summarize, our point-of-sale system features offline capabilities, allowing it to operate seamlessly even in the absence of internet connectivity. Any sales data accumulated during the offline period will be automatically uploaded to the cloud once the system re-establishes internet connection.

Our POS system offers the option for tipping, which can be fully customized to meet your needs and preferences.

Our payment options go beyond traditional credit card terminals. We offer an innovative scan-to-pay feature that allows customers to complete their orders by scanning a QR code with their mobile device, facilitating a fast, secure and convenient payment experience.

To enhance your business operations, we provide a range of advanced hardware options, including state-of-the-art fingerprint readers. These fingerprint readers allow your employees to clock in and out using their unique biometric data, providing a secure and efficient means of timekeeping.

To streamline the implementation process, we have designed our point-of-sale system to be incredibly user-friendly. All that is required to get started is to power on the device and log in, and you will be up and running in no time, enjoying the full functionality of the system.