Smoke Shops

Connect with customers through a Smoke Shops POS system

Modisoft offers cloud-based tools to help you deliver quality customer experiences for your Smoke Shops with accessibility to inventory from any smart device.


Our systems are easy and intuitive, with a compact form factor. Any Smoke Shops will find them delightful to use.


With us, you never have to worry about things going wrong – we build these systems to last


Once equipped with the right tools, you’ll empower your business to reach its maximum potential.

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Payroll Management

View payroll in detail and edit if necessary

Create a physical check in the same module/product icon

Taxes are automatically withheld from the check depending on the location of the business

Employee details are kept together and pay raises are saved


For items that do not have bar codes, you are able to create PLUs with one click. After it is created, you can also create shelf labels. Create speed keys in your mPOS system for best-selling items.


Create promotions for various items

Create promotions for a certain time window like a happy hour

Promotion setup only takes three easy steps

Global Pricebook

Change items across multiple stores by selecting them either individually or by region. If stores have same or similar departments, they can be mapped together allowing changes to be made efficiently. Transfer items between stores effortlessly.

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Stay Competitive Using Our Best Features

Manage Sales Easily

View all crucial information to help run your business efficiently. Use the dashboard to get an overview of what your store is doing. Daily entries give you a breakdown of all funds coming in and out of the store. Live POS allows you to see hourly sales, fuel sold and cash register transactions in real time.

Simplify financial tracking with the Daily Entry feature. Record income and expenses, manage bank transactions and reconcile accounts effortlessly. Accurate financial records provide valuable insights into your business's performance.

Our POS Live feature offers real-time sales data and inventory management. With this feature, you can manage and track inventory in real-time, from receiving stock to processing sales. POS Live is perfect for businesses that require quick access to sales data and need to make informed inventory decisions in real-time. You can also generate real-time reports and track sales data to optimize your business's performance. Experience seamless sales management with POS Live.

Point of Sale

Experience a supported convenience store POS and inventory system

Multi-location inventory support

Customizable offers

Promotions, loyalty and gift cards

Stocktaking and inventory transfers

Reporting and Insights

Staff management and timesheets

Send to POS

Before any changes are applied, they must go through “Send to POS.”

Mange Bank Information in a Single Spot

Online banking features allow you to connect your business account to our software to ensure accounts are matching, as well as create recurring transactions.


Managing items has newer been so easy

If you scan a well-known item in the items page, it will automatically fill out the item description. All you need to do is select the department. Items can be added directly for cash register, and all price changes made to an item will be saved.

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Modisoft optimizes your administrative tasks with easy payroll, inventory management and automated performance reports. 

Point of Sale

Keep things running smoothly at checkout for your customers, your employees and yourself. Modisoft’s mPOS is fast, elegant and intuitive.


Extend your Location’s reach with pick-up and delivery orders! Your customers can build certain loyalty points, and you get more visibility.


Taking payments with Modisoft is secure and easy for everyone, whether it’s cash, card or mobile. 


Modisoft keeps it simple: you get everything you need up-front, no extra fees for necessary hardware or installation.



Point of Sale

Digital Menu


Tobacco Loyalty


$ 59 / mo if paid annually
$69/month if paid monthly


$ 69 / mo if paid annually
$89/month if paid monthly

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Smoke Shops

A Competitive Advantage

Boost Foot Traffic and Engagement with Cartzie
Curbside Pickup, Delivery, Drive Thru, In-Store Loyalty, Coupons and Deals.

$ 59 / Per Month

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Cartzie is an add on for an additional cost.

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