Café and Bakeries

Intuitive POS System for Cafes & Bakeries

Spend less time worrying about point of sale and experience an intuitive, easy-to-use POS system designed for café managers and baristas.


For ease of use, we keep all similar products in one place and allow you to customize what you see.


Even if the network goes down, you will still be able to use the POS system to continue making transactions.


No need to manually count your inventory; Modisoft does it automatically.

Our Best Features: Your Competitive Advantage


Cartzie keeps things nice and automated. Whenever your customers use the Cartzie loyalty features, the information goes through the Modisoft software. This allows the system to build a picture of your regulars’ preferences and spending patterns, and that helps you build the best sales campaigns and give your customers the offers they want.

Manage Multiple Storefronts with Ease

One of the biggest obstacles in managing multiple storefronts is the ability to access all locations from one place. We are an all-encompassing solution for point of sale kits that include a kitchen ticket printer, receipt printer, cash drawer, and mPOS Stand.

Preset Tip Amounts for Checkout Flow

Preset tip amounts allow for better checkout flow and give space for customers to complement great service. With seamless integration of tips, customers no longer have to sign and tip on paper to complete a purchase.


Make the most out of every sale – benefitting you, and your customer. Upsell orders with special combo deals and promotional offers to transform happy customers into lifelong fans

Kiosk mode on mPOS

Why keep the benefits to yourself? With Kiosk mode, your customers can enjoy our fantastic mPOS experience, in an environment suited to their needs.

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Modisoft optimizes your administrative tasks with easy payroll, inventory management and automated performance reports. 

Point of Sale

Keep things running smoothly at checkout for your customers, your employees and yourself. Modisoft’s mPOS is fast, elegant and intuitive.


Extend your Location’s reach with pick-up and delivery orders! Your customers can build certain loyalty points, and you get more visibility.


Taking payments with Modisoft is secure and easy for everyone, whether it’s cash, card or mobile. 


Modisoft keeps it simple: you get everything you need up-front, no extra fees for necessary hardware or installation.


Point of Sale

Digital Menu



$ 59 / mo if paid annually
$69/month if paid monthly

Ideal for

Cafe & Bakeries
Fast Food
Full Service
Fast Casual

A Competitive Advantage

Boost Foot Traffic and Engagement with Cartzie
Curbside Pickup, Delivery, Drive Thru, In-Location Loyalty, Coupons and Deals.

$ 59 / Per Month

What Sets Modisoft Apart?

Live Sales

Instantly view full transaction receipts from your registers directly on your phone and on your PC.

Price On-the-Go

Maintain your price book by locating and updating items efficiently.


Now you can seamlessly print payroll checks, track and manage timesheets and record extensive payroll reports.

Multi-Location Capability

Easily manage multiple storefronts with the ability to watch sales activity at each location at any given time.


Reward your regulars! Build their confidence in you and keep them coming back with your location’s rewards program.


Take inventory and cycle counts quickly and efficiently using the Modisoft app, while simultaneously obtaining detailed shrinkage reports for each item.

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Learn which Modisoft products fit your company the best or start a chat with our colleagues on any other topic.


Unfortunately, no. We require clients to use our Modisoft C1 or HP Essential product.

No, there are no hidden fees for our software!

We have label printers which can be purchased from our hardware page.

We take immense pride in the outstanding durability of our Point of Sale (POS) system, which is built with the latest advancements in hardware manufacturing. Our POS hardware is meticulously crafted using top-of-the-line components and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring exceptional durability and reliability in even the most demanding environments.

Yes, inventory can be updated within our Insights and gets updated as products are bought. We even have a buffer option.