Café and Bakeries

Intuitive POS System for Cafes & Bakeries

Spend less time worrying about point of sale, and experience an easy-to-use and intuitive POS system designed for cafe managers and baristas.

cafe and bakeries

One App designed to manage
system solutions

Customers can easily access loyalty and reward programs through their phone number, all within our mPOS system

that can be managed by baristas with ease. Without the hassle of having to sign in, customers are excited to return to

redeem rewards.

Access the ability to print kitchen tickets, receipts, and order stubs

Customize tipping, discounts, and manage taxes

Manage Multiple Storefronts with Ease

One of the biggest obstacles in managing multiple storefronts is the ability to access all stores from one place. We are an all-encompassing solution for point of sale kits that include a kitchen ticket printer, receipt printer, cash drawer, and mPOS Stand.

Preset Tip Amounts for Checkout Flow

Preset tip amounts allow for better checkout flow and give space for customers to complement great service. With

seamless integration of tips, customers no longer have to sign and tip on paper to complete a purchase.

Make orders more Personalized

Whether a customer is searching for oat milk or a particular espresso blend, mPOS gives the ability to add modifiers to your menu. Simply upload and manage multiples items, change prices, or fix the name and quantity right within the app.

With inventory check-ups, you can keep track of when you are low, as well as connect to your account to services for stock quantities and other sales channels.

Add Value to your fast food business

With mPOS you can access our web-based interface from any device with your login information.

From there, you can make changes quickly and check daily insights for business operations.

Included within the app is also the ability to advertise special offers to customers by reaching across

online avenues for a stronger customer base.

Looking for a Point of Sale system for your vape shop? We have you covered.

Experience a Supported Vape Shop POS and Inventory System

We support all aspects of inventory needs for your vape shop. Our programs are designed to enable the creation of variants for multiple flavors in order to showcase your full catalog with ease. With a few simple clicks, you can assign and track serial numbers directly at the point of sale.

Insights Anywhere, Anytime

What makes us different?

Live Sales

Instantly view full transaction receipts directly from a smart device.

Price On-the-go

Maintain your price book by locating and updating items efficiently.


Seamlessly print payroll checks and manage timesheets with an extensive record of reports.

Multistore Capability

Keep track of all your stores within the convenience of one POS system.

Price Books

Add items and include promotions all within one central price book functionality.


Efficiently utilize the Modisoft app to obtain detailed shrinkage reports and track inventory.

Improve Foot Traffic

See more insights into your business with a simple sign-in process to access your mPOS Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to check up on analytics, popular items, and manage customer complaints.

Data-driven suggestions

Access data-driven results with “suggested promotions” to choose compelling words that elevate your company.

Reach With Preferred Channels

Send promotions to your customers with push notifications, emails, or text to ensure you reach your target.

Schedule With Precision

Easily maintain your price book by updating/locating items using your mobile device

Use the App On-the-go

Send promotions through the convenience of your smart device with software that is reliable from wherever you are. The app includes support for adding images that can increase the claim rate by 25%.

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