Frictionless Point of Sale

Modisoft is designed to make your business operations easier, faster, and more efficient. Whether you’re a retail business or restaurant, our POS simplifies operations, payment, and deliveries, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your customers.
Modisoft POS M8 screen displaying the back of office dashboard.

Our Features

Modisoft offers a point of sale system that incorporates all of your sales needs as well as back office functionality.

Effortless Banking

Securely conduct banking transactions anytime and anywhere.

A young woman is making a payment over the phone with a credit card.

Interactive Menus

Transforms the dining experience with fully customizable menu boards.

A waiter is showing the tablet to the couple sitting in the restaurant.

Live Sales

Receive real-time sales data and analytics to help you make informed decisions and drive revenue growth.

Two girls checking store live sales on the mobile.

Lottery Control

Our POS system includes controls and compliance features, including age verification and ticket tracking, for accurate and secure lottery sales management.

A happy couple sitting on the couch.

Loyalty Boost

Create customized loyalty programs, track customer behavior, and offer targeted rewards for repeat business.

A happy female woman is opening her reward.

Precise Payroll

Level up your Payroll process by automating calculations, tax filings, and payments, reducing errors and saving time.

A female employee is smiling and standing in the office.

Dynamic Pricing

Easily manage pricing and promotions for products and services, with the ability to set customized pricing rules, discounts, and happy hour specials.

An employee is updating the stock price on the tablet.

Strong Reporting

Get fast and powerful reports on your daily sales, inventory and more.

A female employee is checking the inventory while holding a tablet.

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights into sales trends and customer behavior, with real-time data on inventory, sales, and customer preferences to inform strategic decision-making.

A young woman is taking an image of a parcel.

Kitchen Display System

Utilize our Kitchen Display System (KDS) for efficient order management, real-time communication, and improved coordination between kitchen staff, ensuring timely and accurate food preparation.

A chef is holding an order receipt and a tablet in the kitchen.

Point of Sale

Upgrade your business payment system for improved customer experience.

Modernize your payment system to meet the technological expectations of today's customers

Our equipment is straightforward by design and effortless to install

Simplify the payment process for your customers and allow them to pay with ease

Screen displaying Modisoft mPOS system dashboard.

Why Choose Us as Your Point-of-Sale Solution!

Live Sales

Instantly view full transaction receipts from your registers directly on your phone and on your PC.

Customizable Menu

Adjust or overhaul your menu as much as you like, thanks to our intuitive and flexible systems.

Reliable Quality

All our tools, whether hardware or software, are durable and dependable - performing exactly as you need, every single time.


Print checks for vendor payments with no fuss. Modisoft’s system automatically updates your records and keeps the books balanced.


Streamline your vendor interactions with our Electronically Delivered Invoice (EDI) system.

Kitchen Display System

View and track orders the moment they come in, and easily update order status once finished.


Your customers can enjoy our POS system too, as they place orders through an intuitive Kiosk system.

Daily Reconciliation

Get the full picture of your daily outcomes, from profits to inventory adjustments.

Multi Location Capability

Easily manage multiple storefronts with the ability to watch sales activity at each location at any given time.

Point of Sale iPhone

Accept payments anywhere and revolutionize your business.

Turn your iPhone into a mobile payment terminal with our POS solution

Accept credit and debit card payments on-the-go, whether you're at a trade show, on-site with a client, or simply away from your location

For on-the-go business - Checkout via mobile device is becoming increasingly popular because it’s ideal for everything from deliveries to convention stalls.

Enjoy secure transactions and real-time reporting, with no need for additional hardware or complex setup

iPhone screen displaying Modisoft Insights dashboard.
Screen displaying Modisoft mPOS dashboard.

Point of Sale iPad

Transform Your Business with an iPad-Based Point of Sale System.

Whether you have a fixed storefront or need to take your sales on the go, our POS solution on an iPad offers the flexibility you need

With just a tablet and a WiFi connection, you can process sales from anywhere, anytime, with ease

Keep your sales counter clutter-free, as the iPad-based POS system eliminates the need for additional equipment

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of an all-in-one solution, without the hassle of managing multiple hardware components

Paying is Easier With Modisoft

A flexible system that’s always adapting to your needs. Your Modisoft experience is tailored to your business no matter what your niche is.

A young girl standing in the convenience store is holding a product to check the price.

Convenience Locations will benefit from

A female employee standing in the grocery store is holding a tablet.

Grocery Locations will benefit from

A female employee standing in the liquor store is smiling.

Liquor Locations will benefit from

An employee standing in the bakery shop is holding warm bread.

Café & Bakeries will benefit from

A male and female employee are standing in front of the food truck.

Fast Food chains will benefit from

A female employee wearing an apron is standing at the full service restaurant.

Full Service restaurants will benefit from

A chef is dressing a burger in the kitchen.

Fast Casual restaurants will benefit from

Young and happy bartenders working in a pub and looking at the camera.

Bars will benefit from

A woman standing in a smoke shop is taking a vape from the rack.

Smoke Shops will benefit from

A female employee is helping a female customer to use a kiosk.

Kiosks will benefit from

Our Hardware Products

Enjoy the confidence that comes from using top-of-the-line equipment for your business operations. Our modern and dependable solutions are compatible with any third-party systems you may require.

A woman is shopping for groceries in the store.

Need Help?

Contact our customer support

Learn which Modisoft products fit your company the best or start a chat with our colleagues on any other topic.


Yes, but the installation of our software is limited exclusively to designated tablets and mobile devices that meet our specific requirements and standards. This ensures optimal performance and functionality of the software on the selected devices.

We do not currently support integration with any third-party payment processors on our point-of-sale system.

Absolutely! We offer round-the-clock support to assist with any issues or concerns you may encounter with your POS system.

Our point of sale (POS) system is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into any business environment, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

For further information about our advanced POS system, we invite you to contact our dedicated sales team at 866-216-8707.

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Altria Group, Inc. is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of tobacco and related products. They have been the undisputed market leaders in the U.S. tobacco industry for decades.

Altria Group is known for owning the most enduring names in American business including but not limited to Philip Morris USA, John Middleton, and U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company.

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  • Monitor and track all promotional efforts by directly integrating deals into insights
  • Receive Altria rebates smoothly by sharing scan data reports
  • Generate Altria scan data report program at a click


Included in Advanced Plan

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About Cartzie

Cartzie is a loyalty application designed by Modisoft, with you in mind. It is a one-stop loyalty and online ordering solution that is fully equipped with all the tools needed to make your business grow.

With Cartzie, you can do curbside pickups, delivery, and drive-thru ordering. Cartzie has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers.

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  • Add delivery options for your customers
  • Boost your marketing efforts through targeted campaigns
  • Take your business online in a few clicks
  • Receive payments online for your orders


+$59 per month with Retail Plans

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