Monitor and track live sales from anywhere

Check transactions instantly

Check live sales and get an instant view of all transactions. Connect your devices directly with our mobile app and get notifications sent directly to you with the latest reports. 

Seamlessly track sales in real-time

Stay organized with one convenient dashboard

Stay organized across locations and operate tasks within one dashboard. Easily switch tasks and stay informed with real-time updates to ensure your smoke shop is on track for growth. 

Combine modules for effortless workflows

Experience smarter workflows with combined modules that assist with all task management. Save more time with faster communication and better organization in one intuitive dashboard that takes care of it all. 

Track sales from anywhere

Worry less with remote assurance

Insights provides location monitoring in real-time to help you manage live transactions, even when you are not at your store locations. 

Get instant notifications on connected devices

Check in on specific stores and receive instant notifications to ensure sales are on track. With a live view of all transactions, you can adapt promotions or deals based on accurate data. 

Receive cloud-based solutions to stay secure

Get smarter cloud-based solutions that help your stores set up prevention against fraud. With more secure options, you can make sure customer and store data stay protected. 

Get valuable insights with updated sales data

View data in real-time to receive valuable insights for predictions on current and upcoming trends. Insights helps you manage all your customer favorites to create promotional deals and customized discounts based on purchase habits.

Receive a clear overview of financials

Our intuitive interface tracks and displays live transactions to give an updated view on cash flow. With the ability to view a transparent financial overview, you can more accurately predict trending items and future store expenses.