Cartzie online ordering and rewards

Cartzie offers online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery for every business. Improve customer retention, boost sales, and ensure a positive experience for your customers and business.

Redeeming rewards is easy

For your customers

Streamlined sign-in and reward redemption process

Allow your customers to accumulate points on purchases and easily redeem rewards for future orders

Keep customers coming back for more with a simple and effective loyalty program

For your location

Centralized loyalty interactions with customers

Intuitive loyalty management system for your point of sale or tablet

Flexible options to choose from, based on your business needs and preferences

Benefits of Our Software

Strengthen customer relations

Build trust and loyalty with streamlined and effective communication tools.

Boost Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and drive growth for your location.

Build a loyal customer base and boost your sales

Loyalty programs play a key role building a regular customer base. With Cartzie Rewards by Modisoft, you can harness that interest and foster loyal customers for long-term growth.

Have a Competitive Advantage

Having a robust loyalty program can influence customer behavior in your favor, with successful programs leading to increased business performance. Join the ranks of successful companies with Cartzie.

Sign Up

Via Our Application or In Location

Start earning rewards for purchases with just your phone number. No other information is necessary

Customer Engagement

Elevate Your Customer Engagement and Attract More Business with Our Software’s Powerful Promotions Tool.

Enhance Customer Engagement: Our Software's Promotions Tool can Improve foot traffic via special offers or events.

Build Loyalty: Set up customized campaigns that directly increase foot traffic and establish long-term relationships with your customers.

Create Customized Offers: Design and send personalized offers, such as discounts or bundle deals, to your customers at the touch of a button, and boost your sales.

Rebate Programs

Tobacco Rebates

Our software streamlines Tobacco Rebate programs and ensures compliance with regulations.

Ensure regulatory compliance with regulatory requirements, including the PACT Act governing tobacco sales and marketing

Track performance of Tobacco sales.

Automate with Ease

Automate your campaigns and reach your customers on multiple channels with ease. Avoid the hassle of managing campaigns simultaneously and focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Gain valuable insights into your customers' activity by tracking their engagement with your campaigns. Use this data to fine-tune your campaigns and improve your results over time

Keep your customers engaged and coming back for more with automated offers and rewards

Design campaigns that offer points and track them effortlessly through the app to build lasting relationships with your customers and reward them for their loyalty.

Expand to multiple channels through one app to connect with loyal and new customers

Coupon usage

Our coupon management system is an easy and effective way to drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Create compelling offers and promotions with our coupon management system

Segment your customers and send personalized coupons and promotions to specific groups based on their preferences

Connect with customers faster with the ability to send offers at the touch of a button.

Easily create, distribute, and track coupons and promotions in real-time

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Cartzie is integrated with DoorDash which allows you to call a Dasher to deliver your orders from your location.

Yes! Our software empowers you with the ability to create your own website with ease, requiring only a few simple clicks to achieve a fully functional website.

Certainly, it is possible to implement different pricing strategies for online versus in-store purchases. This can be a lucrative approach, as it allows businesses to maximize profits through increased revenue from online sales.

Absolutely, integrating your deli menu into our app provides the added convenience of accepting online food orders, and even enables the option of delivery for your customers, should you choose to offer it.

Certainly, our app is fully equipped with the functionality to process payments for online orders, providing a seamless and secure payment experience for both you and your customers.