Affordable solutions for every Budget

Serve customers from any smart device with a complete point-of-sale solution from mPOS. Any hardware can be added

to include a receipt printer, cash drawer, or barcode scanner that helps your budget and counter checks stay on track.

Manage your Business from Anywhere

mPOS is a complete solution for your grocery business, integrated with our cloud based back-office software, you can control and manage your POS and business virtually from anywhere, whether you’re starting a new outlet or increasing your product counts.

Key POS Features

  • Build customer profiles and launch loyalty programs for stronger customer relationships.
  • Download iPad and iPhone based POS to serve customers right where you are.
  • Experience integrated payment solutions.
  • Support for product categories that include groceries, tobacco, alcohol, and lotteries.

Manage All Aspects of your business

mPOS point of sale app handles every aspect of running a business. From payment and processing to analytics and inventory, you can keep the shelves stocked to stay focused on your services.

Experience a seamless Supermarket Management Solution for you and your Employees

What makes us different?

Live Sales

Instantly view full transaction receipts directly from a smart device.

Price On-the-go

Maintain your price book by locating and updating items efficiently.


Seamlessly print payroll checks and manage timesheets with an extensive record of reports.

Multistore Capability

Keep track of all your stores within the convenience of one POS system.

Price Books

Add items and include promotions all within one central price book functionality.


Efficiently utilize the Modisoft app to obtain detailed shrinkage reports and track inventory.


Gain insights to prevent lost ticket sales and take away the need to count lottery scratch-off tickets at the end of the day with an app that keeps track of all sales.

Boost Foot Traffic

mPos features a promotions tool to improve foot traffic into your store through special offers, events, or awareness of featured events. Use the tool with Autopilot to send customers one-time offers that will bring them into the store for holiday specials or targeted.

Data-driven suggestions

Access data-driven results with “suggested promotions” to choose compelling words that elevate your company.

Reach With Preferred Channels

Send promotions to your customers with push notifications, emails, or text to ensure you reach your target.

Schedule With Precision

Easily maintain your price book by updating/locating items using your mobile device

Use the App On-the-go

Send promotions through the convenience of your smart device with software that is reliable from wherever you are. The app includes support for adding images that can increase the claim rate by 25%.

How Scan Data Can Help Your Grocery Store

Scan data offers a solution for additional revenue from items your customers already enjoy. With an agreement to scan data within our POS system, you are able to access reports and automatically send updated information to vendors you work with.

Four Steps to Utilize Your POS System

Display Discounts and Collect Data

When the customer is ready, simply scan the item to checkout and the data is automatically collected into the POS system.

Review Reports

As the scan data processes in real-time, the report is automatically generated with the product information, original sale price, and the rebate offer.

Experience Automatic Submission

Automatic submission delivers the reports directly to the vendor for review, which leaves more time for you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Get Dispersed Rebates Quicker

After the vendor reviews the scan data, they can immediately release the rebate within the system.

Brands We Work With

Manage Rebates Across Regional Locations

Scan data can be adapted to your local region or can be easily managed across multiple locations. With different regulations, you can be assured that your POS system and reports are up-to-date with current guidelines

How To Utilize Scan Data

Our POS system automatically uploads the data collected with each purchase at the register.
With automatic reporting, you can more accurately track purchases and experience reliable reporting to increase your business growth.

Get The Most Out of Scan Data

  • Scan quickly and easily submit reports manually or automatically
  • Create multipack rebates for qualifying grocery store items
  • Trust reliable reports that give you more time to enjoy your business

Keep Customers Coming Back For More

Personalize loyalty programs and setup rebates with ease, all within our POS system. With the ability to offer more to loyal customers, you can grow your business with automatic reports and real time data for smarter business decisions.

Benefits of Loyalty Offers

  • Track purchases
  • Get automated reports for vendor review
  • Receive data insights across operations
  • Setup rebates faster
  • Grow your customer base

Four Steps to Utilize Your POS System

Scan and Promote

Display discounts within your store and when the customer is ready to check out, the item is collected directly into the system.

Receive Automatic Reports

The discount is immediately applied to the product from the scan data and automatically updates the latest reports across locations.

Do Less With Automatic Submission

Spend more time focusing on your grocery business with automatic submission of scan data, rebates, and sales that are directly delivered to the vendor for review.

Get Rebates Faster

As soon as the scan data report is received, vendors are able to release rebates directly to you at a faster rate than regular reporting.

Get More With Loyalty

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