Invite customers back with data informed loyalty programs

Synchronize data across locations to create loyalty programs that invite customers to return. Refine promotions and deliver special offers with information provided through Insights. 
IMac screen displaying Modisoft Cartzie campaign interface.
Screen displaying Modisoft customer information dashboard.

Improve customer retention by creating exciting deals

Create deals for your customers that are hard to refuse with Modisoft loyalty. Our loyalty feature gives you access to creating exciting deals that bring back your customers for more.

Let customers easily sign up for loyalty rewards

Streamline loyalty programs with faster sign ups for customers to access rewards, discounts, and more. With cloud-based reports you can analyze and adapt promotions to match your specific customer needs. 
Screen displaying Modisoft loyalty transaction interface.
A female customer standing in the smoke shop is using the Modisoft loyalty app on her mobile.

Protect your bottom line with smarter revenue growth

Offer rewards to loyal customers

Cartzie campaigns give direct insight into customer purchasing patterns that help you determine loyalty programs across locations. Offer rewards to your most loyal customers who can view earnings and easily redeem points.
Screen displaying Modisoft Cartzie activity interface.
A female employee standing in the smoke shop is showing multiple vapes to a male customer.

Eliminate the need for manual entry & paperwork

Automate your work and get rid of manual entry by switching to Modisoft. Modisoft allows you to get order updates, insights, and more without the need for any paperwork.

Experience an intuitive and customizable mobile interface

Customize your customer experience with intuitive features that help you organize inventory for faster service and efficient delivery of promotions. With user-friendly navigation, you can provide clear options for customers to browse their favorites.
Screen displaying Modisoft Cartzie coupon feature interface.
Screen displaying Modisoft reward live transaction chart interface.

Give your customers convenience to earn & redeem rewards

Let your customers earn and redeem rewards in-store or online. Modisoft loyalty program allows you to create a customer rewards program that gives your customers the freedom to earn and redeem with direct options.

Customize loyalty programs for specific campaigns

Modisoft loyalty program gives you the flexibility to tailor any targeted campaign. You can easily promote your campaigns and engage your customers by offering exciting deals.
Screen displaying coupon transaction interface.