Define and set ingredient groups for easy recipe management

Efficiently manage recipes with defined items. Create specific ingredient groups and set up recipes within one comprehensive app. 

Effortlessly generate required data for production records

Generate required data for production records that provide an accurate view of operations. Gain insights from data and create reports that fit your business needs. 

Automate processes with improved ordering capability 

Enhance your ordering capabilities with automated processes that streamline workflows. Keep track of orders better and improve quality of recipes for increased yield on items.

Add individual ingredients for recipes with the ability to group items together

Include individual ingredients in recipes and easily group items together for easy searching. With recipes all in one place, you can easily adjust for variants across grouped items. 

Customize and maintain multiple grouped templates to create variations in real-time

Oversee multiple grouped templates to develop a variety of combinations that suit customer needs. Grouped templates allow for easier ordering and add-on adjustments. 

Efficiently fulfill orders with accelerated product processes

Efficiently fulfill orders by accelerating product processes for all recipes. Conduct accurate prep times and ensure your kitchen can fulfill orders efficiently. 

Filter and sort items based on ingredient groups

Remove unnecessary manual paperwork and update to digital recipes

Experience more efficient recipe management in a cloud-based system that allows for streamlined recipes. Without the need for manual paperwork, you can keep an accurate record of recipes for all locations. 

Retrieve recipes without having to search manually 

Quickly access recipes without having to manually search. With the ability to add tags and categories, you can quickly review recipes in one dashboard. 

Maintain high quality service with effective recipe management

Ensure your business provides high quality service with consistent recipe management. Meet required standards and grow your business effectively with robust recipe organization.