Simplify fuel sales and monitor closing gallons

Experience a simplified process for fuel sales and the ability to monitor closing gallons directly from our POS system. With accurate short over, you can track sales more efficiently. 

Get direct fuel alerts

Monitor fuel inventory easier by receiving automatic fast alerts. Alerts are delivered directly to your email and text messages to update about upcoming fuel shortages. 

Select a period of time for fuel history analysis

Automated reporting gives the ability to select a period of time for fuel history analysis. Insights reveal patterns in fuel management, as well as industry changes. 

Streamline fuel invoices

Auto create or easily add fuel invoices for fuel delivery. Streamlining the process saves time in managing day-to-day operations with the ability to create an automated system or manual approach.

Sync fuel sales for more accuracy

Get precise fuel sales reports that seamlessly synchronize with our POS system. Better accuracy invites clearer insights into fuel discounts and more. 

Make consistent fuel payments for deliveries

Make seamless fuel payments for smoother fuel deliveries without delays. Easily invoice and monitor delivery payments to keep information succinct. 

Optimize operations across gas stations

Deliver maximum profit with the ability to optimize pump stations. Operate more efficiently with convenient features that keep business moving forward. 

Stay ahead of the competition 

Track competitor prices and compare with current market rates. Adjust as needed to attract customers that increase sales and keep you ahead of the competition. 

Get closing gallon reports

Receive automatic closing gallon reports at the end of each day. With the ability to see firsthand the amount of sales and costs, you can track progress more closely. 

Additional features

Receive your complete history for all fuel readings within one convenient fuel management dashboard. 

Save time by directly sending fuel pricing to the POS system to avoid any delays in reporting or inventory management.

View invoices and monitor fuel pricing and costs for delivered gallons all in one place. 

Monitor gallons that are dispensed, delivered, and all over/shorts calculations.