Manage fast casual table orders with ease

Manage orders faster with the ability to customize the digital layout within one convenient POS software. Arrange tables to match your physical location and keep track of orders with a visual representation. 
Screen displaying main hall floor design interface.
Fast casual restaurant

Design your layout your way

Welcome your guests the right way by designing your layout and placing objects to match your location. Modisoft table management system allows you to select floor object type, table name, table type, and seats easily.

Order tracking is more efficient with Modisoft Table Management System

View and track your orders in one place by creating a list-style layout with Modisoft Table Management Software. This helps you to efficiently manage all your orders through one cohesive dashboard.
Screen displaying Modisoft table management main hall list design interface.
A waitress is putting the order on the table.

Simplify your table orders

Reduce mistakes of putting the wrong item on the wrong table with Modisoft Table Management. You can always group items with specific guests to simplify your order management. This also helps you to eliminate billing errors and provide a seamless customer experience.

Simplify your customers’ payment journey

Give your customers the convenience they need to pay bills. Modisoft table management software gives you access to allow your customers to split bills and make payments easily.
Screen displaying Modisoft point of sale payment interface.
A female employee is giving the order to the customer.

Manage all your orders with Modisoft POS

Focus on your customers by using Modisoft Point of Sale. Our POS system efficiently and accurately manages all your table orders, giving your employees more time to focus on customer service.

Make your order management easy

Order management is made easy with Modisoft Order Management System. You can easily design your table layout to reflect your physical location while managing all your orders at your fingertips.
Screen displaying floor object window opened in the bar floor design section.