Provide loyalty rewards for your customers

Choose from a variety of different campaigns that are easily adjusted within Insights. Review customer data and set up loyalty campaigns without hassle. 

Give customers the ability to earn on purchases

Set up rewards for customers to earn more on their purchases. With promotional deals that are specific to buying habits, customers will be encouraged to return for more. 

Share an instant view for accessible loyalty benefits

With Cartzie, customers can view and redeem their rewards within one convenient app. Customers can access loyalty benefits for multiple locations and view ahead of time their upcoming rewards. 

Safeguard profitability while increasing revenue

We build customized loyalty apps that protect profitability and ensure a boost in revenue. With set campaigns and customized rewards for customers, you can optimize sales for growth. 

Access all reports for top customers 

Access reports for top customers and review promotional campaigns to adjust to popular items. Direct access to data reports helps accurately adjust campaigns for more sales 

Introduce innovative approaches to share products customers love

Insights provides more innovative approaches for customers to find and purchase the products they love. Provide an experience and opportunity that keeps customers engaged with your business.