Monitor live sales & operations from anywhere

Monitor your grocery store operations anytime, anywhere with Modisoft POS. From managing your store’s daily operations to tracking sales, our POS system offers real-time insights accessible from both your POS system and mobile.
grocery live transactions by Modisoft

Conveniently check transactions 

Check transactions for the day from one comprehensive dashboard. Discover how to create effective promotions from real-time data and update inventory accordingly. 

Access live sales from any connected device

Experience a seamless dashboard for all operations

Keep your locations organized and directly inform employees with updates to all connected devices. With an encompassing approach to all activities, you can manage sales and run your store more effectively. 

Streamline your workflow with modules all in one place

Efficiently organize your workflow with modules conveniently collected all into one dashboard. Save time on tasks, allocate roles, and track transactions all in one place. 

Track sales from anywhere

Monitor locations while you’re not on-site

Insights gives you full access to all locations even while you’re not there. Easily view live transactions and manage tasks for multiple stores. 

Receive updates directly to connected devices

Receive updates in real-time to adapt promotions and deals. Check on specific stores or view live transactions to ensure sales are on track. 

Feel secure with better fraud prevention

Get the latest in technology solutions for fraud prevention that offers secure cloud-based solutions for customer information and store data. 

Track sales in real-time

Track sales and review insights that inform how to better position loyalty programs and trending products. With fast access to data, you can monitor transactions in real-time with more accurate reporting. 

See a clear financial picture

Monitor your cash flow and view expenses easily from anywhere. With our intuitive platform, you can view past sales, upcoming promotions, and how to position future campaigns to increase sales.