Get your rebates quicker than ever

Boost your business growth by providing a unique experience to your customers. Modisoft multi-location management system offers you detailed customer insights, one-click report generation, and lets you receive faster rebates from companies.

Organize your inventory with ease

Save time by creating specific tags for your inventory. This helps you to minimize human error and allows you to locate your inventory easily.

Set age restrictions & requirements

Easily set age and other requirements for your customers. With a proper requirement in place, your customers can easily verify their age, and understand your location’s limits or rules.

Organize your products by location

Organize your product based on category and price groups for each location. You can see a side-by-side comparison of features, prices, market segments, and more.

Automate solutions for scan data with seamless reports and unique discounts

Increase customer loyalty with automated scan data that informs upcoming promotions and unique discounts. With more control over loyalty programs, you can match deals based on customer purchasing habits. 

Manage your store locations from one dashboard

Track purchases and update inventory for more accurate reports

Track customer purchases and update inventory with Modisoft multi-location management software. You receive accurate reports of your stocks, sales, and customer purchases.

View live scan data reports that send automatically

Get complete control over your data with Modisoft multi-location Management System. You can view live scan data reports and get complete insights about your smoke shop performance.

Create, manage, & monitor promotions for every store

Design promotions and create combos and special offers for specific stores with Modisoft multi-location management system. Create deals, discounts, and special offers for every store separately.