Experience improved efficiency with an intuitive kitchen display system

Replace paper tickets and receive orders electronically 

Create clear communication with automatic updates on the kitchen display system as soon as an order is placed

Order status is easily updated in real-time to alert a server for pick up and delivery

Manage customer orders and send requests directly to the kitchen

Improve order accuracy in one system that is easily navigated with touchscreen capability

View orders that automatically sort by time and provide status updates

Orders update in real-time directly on the KDS

Reduce issues with errors or delays during peak hours with more efficient software

Provide faster service without the hassle of paper tickets 

Develop and update menus for multiple locations from anywhere

Allow locations to measure their own goals for ticket transitions and customize thresholds for orders

Organize orders and prioritize requests

Ticket views

View tickets and organize accordingly for priority and time. 


View timers on displays and manage order windows more efficiently. 


Get direct alerts to keep up with customer orders during peak times.