Simplify stock management with an effective system

Manage invoices faster with direct uploads

Directly upload your invoices to maintain your inventory of items

Track inventory quantities and sales

Monitor your inventory and live sales, all within one system. Keep track of the latest consumer trends and assess items that have to be reordered to ensure you are never out of stock.

Automatically add or create new orders directly to vendors for faster delivery.

Keep your inventory in order

Effectively organize items directly within the system to optimize pricing and manage inventory. The ability to create product categories and develop price groups helps your store keep on track with what items need to be ordered more frequently.

Custom Item Reports

Best selling items

Access updated reports on top-selling items, view total sales, and track the number of items that are in stock or sold.

Total sales

View total sales and continuously monitor all refunds, discounts, or changes in prices within one dashboard.

Quantity of items in stock/sold

Consolidate reports across multiple locations to ensure transferred items made it to the right destination.

Instantly add products to your inventory

Transfer and track inventory across all stores

Discover multiple ways to manage inventory adjustment

Directly scan items and add adjustments to your current inventory.

Manage new available items and quickly make inventory adjustments.

View stock levels in real-time and receive automatic alerts when stock is low.