Expand promotions with effective advertising

Develop campaigns and invite customers to return. With effective loyalty programs, you can incentivize customer purchases and track promotions to see what deals are performing well. 

Create deals to invite more returning customers 

Generate customized coupons specific to your locations

Give more options for delivery and pick up

Open more options up for delivery, pick up, curbside, drive thru, pump side, and more to meet your customer needs. More options for your customers help them know exactly how to interact and purchase from your liquor store. 

Offer unique deals and deliver personalized loyalty programs

Receive a customized app that is built to meet the needs of your brand

Give direct access to earn and redeem rewards

Integrate your loyalty program into customer purchasing habits with smarter advertising. Effective campaigns help improve your marketing efforts with insights giving direct feedback on how to improve deals. 

Design your digital branding 

Design your brand presence with the ability to upload your logo and product pictures. With recognizable labels and promotions, it will invite more customers to visit your store. 

Organize your menu for a seamless experience

Create categorized menus that showcase customer favorites and new items that are easily navigated to. Faster ordering capability helps your customers choose quickly without issue or confusion.

Manage order flow in peak hours

Manage your order flow during peak hours with the ability to set windows for order acceptance. With clear guidelines on ordering, your employees are able to keep up during busy hours and communicate with customers effectively.