Sync orders from the kiosk to the back end for immediate processing

Kiosk order sync capability allows for orders to update in real-time. Manage orders efficiently with software that connects directly to the back end for faster processing times.

Seamlessly sync inventory, ingredients, and payments in real-time

Experience effortless processes with seamless syncing of all inventory. Manage items, ingredients, and payments that are all updated in real-time.

Ensure precise pricing and product availability with price book synchronization

Menus are easily synchronized with the kiosk for assurance on precise pricing and product availability. With accurate price book information, you can streamline all orders in one place.

Enhance the ordering process with one seamless kiosk solution

Order processing has never been easier with one seamless kiosk solution that is customizable. More flexible options for ordering and automatic syncing in real-time helps you run your business smoothly.