Simplify your point of sale system with Android and iOS app options

Manage your POS system from anywhere, at any time. Modisoft brings you the ease of managing your Point of Sale system with Android and iOS app options. It’s your business – we help you run it your way.

Track your smoke shop growth in one convenient dashboard

View your smoke shop performance from one convenient and intuitive dashboard that provides live updates. With the ability to access the cloud to download reports or view transactions, you can manage your location growth from anywhere. 

Customize and print labels directly from our mobile app

Customize and print any type of label you want by using Modisoft Mobile App. Modisoft app facilitates you to create, customize, and print labels that are up to your business standards.

Create receipts with your brand and style

Drive repeat sales with Modisoft Loyalty Programs

Get an all-purpose POS that enables you to drive more sales by providing you with loyalty programs. You can utilize loyalty programs and send coupons to your customers, allowing them to keep coming back to earn rewards and utilize coupons.

Set age restrictions & requirements

Easily set age and other requirements for your customers. With a proper requirement in place, your customers can easily verify their age, and understand your location’s limits or rules.

Provide multiple payment options 

Credit/debit terminal

Accept multiple payment options for credit and debit with instant transaction receipts on your POS system or mobile app. 

Scan to pay

Create and scan QR codes for customers to make direct payments using their smartphone. 

Android pay

Allow for faster payments through Android Pay that gives customers ease of access to purchases. 

Apple pay

Make payments more convenient with quick Apple Pay options that are fast and reliable.

Expand your business by getting your rebates faster

Boost your smoke shop growth by getting faster rebates and creating offers that invite your customers to keep coming back. Modisoft POS provides you with the opportunity to track everything. From customer behavior to the best-selling product, you receive in-depth insights that help you to make informed decisions.

Easily switch tasks, update products, or adapt promotions

Receive payments from the Modisoft mobile app

Modisoft enables you to receive payments from anywhere. Keep tracking your payments, inventory, and sales all through one app.

View detailed analytics that give insight into your smoke shop performance

View detailed analytics that give insight into your smoke shop performance while letting you stay updated on day-to-day sales.

Experience intuitive features that offer easy setup and faster service

Simplify your workflow 

Automatically upload data to create complete reports that inform future sales and promotions. With automated reporting, you can simplify your workflow to save time. 

Get reliable & accurate reports

Get rid of human errors, and unreliable systems by adding Modisoft POS to your business. Modisoft allows you to sync accurate and secure data that provides more reliable reports.

Focus on store growth with accessible features that streamline task management

You can optimize your inventory, get updates on sales, and view insights to evaluate your store performance.

Stay updated on trending items & top-performing brands

Never miss an update on top-performing brands and trending items with Modisoft Smoke Shop POS. You can track the performance of your items, know the best-selling inventory, and get live updates on top-performing brands.