Create meaningful scan data reports

Streamline your scan data process with Modisoft. Generate various scan data report programs including Altria/Philip, Morris, ITG, R.J, and more with just a few clicks.
Laptop screen displaying Modisoft scan data chart interface.
Screen displaying Modisoft scan data interface.

Integrate data with the ability to import deals directly into Insights

Input updated information into Insights to monitor and track promotional campaigns. With real-time data you can view deals, access loyalty programs, and adapt price of items from Phillip Morris API and more. 

Experience efficient operations with precise inventory

A woman standing in the convenience store is writing the inventory on the notepad.
Screen displaying scan data opened in the Modisoft POS system dashboard.

Develop reports directly in our POS system

Create scan data reports that include promotions, loyalty programs, and campaigns that can be accessed with a selected data range. With faster reporting, you can manage more tasks for your liquor stores. 

Experience enhanced data reports with better accuracy

Access data reports automatically with notification updates delivered to your inbox or through our mobile app. Without the need to manually input information, you can advance your daily processes with more accurate reporting. 

A woman employee standing in the liquor section is using a tablet to check inventory on the Modisoft application.
Screen displaying Modisoft automated price data report interface.

Streamline daily tasks with automated pricing 

Operate with fewer mistakes and save time with automated pricing. Instead of manually entering tobacco prices, you can utilize automation with items such as Altria’s APO that easily integrates prices for accurate reports.