Effortlessly manage orders

Manage orders without hassle in one comprehensive dashboard. Develop a purchase management approach that assists employees and encourages customer retention. 

Keep on track to match demand

Streamline order flow and keep up with customer demand. Insights provides multiple features that inform on upcoming trends and ensures you are never out of popular items. 

Manage purchases within Insights

Utilize Insights for all purchase information to grow sales more effectively. Easily view transactions and track trends to position promotional deals. 

Create manual or electronic invoice imports

Choose between creating manual or electronic invoice imports within Insights. Invoice reports can be monitored to identify upcoming order needs. 

View all products within orders

Individually view product information for all orders or view orders in groups. An overview of products helps customers view purchases as well as informs employees on inventory. 

Give your employees more time to look after customers with automated order management

Take away the need for manual orders and update your approach with automated order management. Automation allows employees more time to focus on customer needs and further increase sales. 

Provide manual cost entry

Insights allows for easy manual cost entry when needed. With easy access to input cost, employees can finalize orders without extra permissions.