Arrange deliveries with DoorDash

Integrate orders seamlessly from Cartzie and send it directly to your POS system. Updates in real-time ensure accurate order and delivery times with DoorDash.

Enable DoorDash drivers to deliver directly to customers

Allow DoorDash drivers to make deliveries directly to your customers. With faster delivery times, you can manage more orders even during peak hours.

Access accurate order details

Review orders and adjust for specific requests directly within the POS system. Ensure orders are completed with precision to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Allow customers to place orders for preferred products

Organize inventory and menus to provide a faster way for customers to search and order their favorite products. With order history at your fingertips, you can manage trending items and ensure you never are out of stock. 

Modify orders directly within the POS system

Effortlessly adjust orders within the POS system as needed. Direct communication while prepping orders and for delivery give you greater ability to deliver accurate service based on customer needs.