Organize employee info all in one place 

Review payroll reports

View payroll reports from any location, all within one dashboard. Track earnings, review invoices, and assist with employee scheduling from any connected device. 

Review full reports of past employees

Review full reports of hard-working employees who have worked with you in the past. Accessing a comprehensive log can offer insight into employee shifts and past hours to inform store processes. 

Manage schedules with ease

Manage schedules with ease

Utilize Insights to calculate tasks and schedule shifts to be completed by the right person for the job. 

Our easy mobile app provides a clock-in and out system to give employees the ability to start tasks without any delay. 

Allow for shift swaps and day off requests in a completely customizable scheduling platform. 

Create customized schedules 

Create and manage schedules in our comprehensive system that ensures all shifts are covered. Customize schedules that are unique to your locations and keep track of employee hours without any hassle.