Boost Your Cafe Revenue & Engagement with Modisoft Digital Menu

Update your cafe and bakery with Digital Menu. Modisoft Digital Menu gives you complete control over your displays, with customizable templates that utilize your brand to showcase your best items.
Screen displaying Modisoft digital menu board template interface.
Customers are using laptops while sitting in a cafe.

Effortlessly Display Your Menu & Prices

Update your customers on new items and prices by easily displaying them on Modisoft Digital Menu. You can easily update prices within Modisoft Insights (back office) which automatically syncs with your display.

Control All Menu Boards from One Dashboard

Customize Images and display menu prices your way through one centralized dashboard. Modisoft Digital Menu provides you with the flexibility to easily manage all menu board displays.
Screen displaying Modisoft digital menu template interface.
A female employee standing in the cafe kitchen is pouring coffee into the cup.

Display Your Best-Selling Items to Engage Your Customers

Increase your customer engagement by displaying your customers’ favorite items. Easily organize your menu so that your customers can quickly find the best deals, favorite items, limited products, and more.