Improve your fast food services with an efficient kitchen display system

Replace your paper ticket system with an updated KDS

Receive electronic orders on mPOS immediately when a order is placed 

Easily organize orders with more detail

Ticket views

Organize orders with clear communication for ticket views that update automatically.


Improve order times with timers that can be viewed directly on the KDS screen.


Get automatic alerts that notify employees on order times to ensure timely delivery.

View order status in real-time with accurate notifications for pick up

Experience seamless communication between customer orders and back of house 

Touchscreen capability improves accuracy for orders

Sort orders by time with automatic status updates 

Update and view changes immediately on the KDS

Avoid errors on orders during peak times with updates in real-time

Increase speed of service with smarter solutions

Remove the complexity of organizing paper tickets and update to a suite of solutions that are designed to meet the needs of your fast food business. With increased speed of service, you can keep customers satisfied even during peak times. 

Create menus across locations with easy multi-location management

Allow your fast food locations to customize and set their own targets for ticket transitions

Get automatic KDS routes on items for specified kitchen stations

Routes assist with streamlining kitchen processes and gives employees quick and accurate information to get orders done quickly. 

Customize your KDS layout, manage time settings, and set prep times all in one dashboard