Create loyalty campaigns in one dashboard

Modisoft Loyalty and Customer Campaigns feature allows you to create and manage loyalty campaigns that keep your customers coming back for more.
Screen displaying Modisoft Cartzie campaign interface.
An employee standing in the cafe is giving coffee to the customer.

Encourage your customers to earn loyalty

Give your customers the opportunity to earn loyalty through purchasing their favorite items. Modisoft Loyalty allows you to customize campaigns that incentivize your customers to shop more.

Send instant loyalty rewards

View cloud-based reports in real-time to determine new loyalty campaigns that invite customers to return. With the ability to customize rewards and develop campaigns based on updated data, you can keep on track for growth. 
Screen displaying Modisoft Cartzie activity interface.
A male employee wearing an apron is standing at the cafe door.

Protect your bottom line with more revenue growth options 

Gain valuable insights to give your best customers more opportunity to earn rewards

Create opportunity for your best customers to earn more with deals that invite them to return. Insights provides data to manage and position campaigns that are unique to specific stores and customers. 
Screen displaying Modisoft Loyalty live transaction interface.
A customer is taking coffee from the employee in the cafe.

Create digital punch cards for your customers

Get digital punch cards for your customers to give them discounts and free items. With Modisoft Loyalty Program you can run automated promotional campaigns and set rewards and special discounts.

Experience a customizable mobile interface for customers to enjoy

Customize your customer experiences with intuitive features that assist with organizing promotions and deals. Unique loyalty opportunities specific to your cafes and bakeries help connect customers to your deals.
Screen displaying Modisoft live transaction interface.
An employee at the cafe checkout counter is giving a bag of loaves and coffee to a female customer.

Let your customers seamlessly earn & redeem rewards

Increase your customer retention rate by customizing your loyalty programs to allow your customers to earn and redeem rewards with ease.