Manage multiple store regions with a consolidated price book

Synchronize inventory and manage your price book across all store locations. Easily access data, update inventory, and track orders from one convenient dashboard. 

Laptop screen displaying Modisoft price book interface.
The laptop screen displays the Modisoft interface showing different features.

Experience an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Make day-to-day processes easier with an intuitive interface that includes a variety of customizable features. Easily click into tasks with clear options where navigation is made simple to save time. 

Simplify processes and leave manual input behind

A grocery store employee is holding a vegetable container.
The laptop screen displays the Modisoft segment location feature.

Segment pricing based on diverse markets 

Offer products at different prices across regions and individual stores to manage a range of diverse markets. Follow consumer trends, track data in real time, and keep insights on your customer base, all from one dashboard. 

A laptop screen displaying the advance price book feature opens on the Modisoft POs system dashboard.

View advanced pricebook features 

Take advantage of security solutions in a cloud-based system

Our software comes with a highly secure cloud-based system that is easily customizable. Access a better solution for all store and customer data security with robust features and protection. 

A female employee is using the Modisoft application on a tablet.
Screen displaying Modisoft grocery store multi-location interface.

Get multiple location updates in one place

Update items without the hassle across multiple store locations. View live transactions, deliver inventory to different locations, and learn insights to better streamline tasks. 

Receive live updates

Review your price book and all item updates from any connected device. Updates in real-time give you the ability to adapt promotions or make modifications to inventory at the touch of a button. 

An employee standing in the grocery store is checking live sale updates on a tablet.
A laptop screen displaying various departments opened in the Modisoft POS dashboard.

Manage central departments

Centralized departments can be managed for all multi-store needs. Create price differentiation based on locational insights and adapt order and delivery to ensure all stores are on track for growth. 

View master lists

View a master list that includes all product carriers


Create and manage item descriptions from one place, making it easy for employees and management to update item information. 

Two employees male and female are standing in the grocery store near the checkout counter. The male employee is holding the fruit basket while the female employee is noting down the description on the notepad.


Keep track of inventory by knowing exactly how much each item costs to stay within your margins. 

Two employees standing in the fruit section of the grocery store. The female employee is checking the inventory from the notepad and the male employee is viewing it.

Retail price

Manage retail prices for your inventory and match prices to specific locations. 

An employee standing in the grocery store fruit section is scanning SKU codes on items.

Rebates and discounts

Review rebates and discounts to keep quality store connections and increase customer satisfaction. 

A female employee in a grocery store is standing at the checkout counter.

An all-in-one POS system with built-in digital price book

Develop greater efficiency for a built-in digital price book within an intuitive and comprehensive POS system. Get accurate data, access reports in real-time, and view transactions for all locations. 

Screen displaying the Modisoft Point of Sale price check interface.

Direct pricing management from anywhere

Successfully manage your pricing within our mobile app from any location. View transactions and effortlessly place inventory where it needs to be. With more direct access to management tasks, you can create organized strategies to further grow your sales. 

A woman standing in the grocery store is viewing the Modisoft application while purchasing groceries.
iMac Pro screen displaying the Modisoft price book item report dashboard.

View extensive analysis and reports

Generate and review extensive reports for your price book history. Automate or create reports that showcase accurate sales and margins for each selected time period.