Organize your employee information all in one place

Get full access to a seamless payroll experience that automatically allocates tips and manages payments for all employees. Reduce payment errors and simplify the process for all your fast casual locations. 

Easily manage payroll reports 

Insights gives you the ability to view and manage payroll reports from any connected device. Direct access helps you optimize your locations for growth and manage payments without hassle. 

Access reports for past employees

View past reports on employees that help inform decisions for upcoming tasks and schedules. Access to accurate reporting from anywhere gives you the ability to view employee information when you need it. 

Simplify time sheets for scheduling

Calculate efficiently with Insights

Manage multiple locations easily within one dashboard where you can track fast casual location tasks and assign roles. 
Utilize a clock-in system that gives employees the opportunity to quickly start their shift and resume tasks.
Allow for customized schedules where employees can easily change shifts or request days off as needed.

Set schedules from anywhere

Manage schedules with greater efficiency. With the ability to easily set schedules and organize specific employees and teams, you can manage shifts to ensure all tasks are complete.