Digital Menu

Modisoft Digital Menu Boards let you embrace the future while making a positive impression of your business.

Digital Menu Board

Minimize Expenses and Waste

Eliminate expenses associated with costly hardware, physical menu updates, and custom static boards by switching to Modisoft's digital menu boards

By making the transition, you can reduce waste caused by constantly printing and replacing menus due to changes in items or prices

Enhance Engagement

Use digital signage in-location to showcase limited-time offers, product highlights, and event promotions in your brand voice

Attract new customers with window signage featuring special offers

Modisoft TV with Fire Stick

With Modisoft Digital Menu Boards, you can make a positive impression of your business while embracing the future of your industry

Attach Fire TV stick to Tv

Connect to Internet

Start Streaming

Universal Interface

Access your account from any device using the web-based interface and instantly push screen changes as needed.

Offer More

Create and manage special offers in real-time, boosting sales and customer engagement. Product Info:

Inform Better

Provide customers with comprehensive and accurate product information to improve customer satisfaction and reduce order errors.

Menu Mastery

Create a cohesive brand voice to match the unique personality and values of your business.

Eye-Catching Menu

Enhance the design of your menu with high-quality images and dynamic animation to create an enticing experience for customers

Video Display

Bring your menu to life with stunning visuals and dynamic content.

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Our app is compatible with Firestick, so if you have it installed on your TV, you can access the Digital Menu.

Yes, whenever you send price updates from Insights, it will automatically update on the Digital Menu.

Yes, you can purchase more TVs for your Digital Menu from the Insights billing page.

Yes, you may create your own menu from the Digital Menu section of Insights.

Yes, Modisoft offers this service at no additional cost to you, please reach out to sales for more information.