Discover easy online ordering

Cartzie gives you direct access to expand your reach for loyalty programs, coupon offerings, punch cards, and more! Create new deals that attract new and existing customers from the convenience of one app. 

Let your customers choose from a variety of delivery and pickup options

Help your customers avoid long lines

Customers are able to order online without the need to wait in long lines or experience ordering delays. With faster service, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Protect your bottom line while increasing sales 

Make the switch and save more with online ordering 

Switch to online ordering and get rid of the need for third party delivery vendors. Without the hassle when it comes to organizing call orders or managing vendors, you can deliver directly to your customers to save on costs. 

Manage product inventory with Cartzie

Create special promotions to invite customers to your site 


Give customers access to place orders ahead of time and choose an option for pick up. 


Broaden the ability for customers to receive products without extra fees directly from your liquor store. 


Gives your customers the ability to receive their order without having to step out of their car.