Define and set ingredient groups for easy recipe management

Streamline tasks and easily generate production records for required data

Effectively process fast food services with accuracy

Automate processes for orders to improve quality of recipes and increase yield on items

Choose ingredient groups instead of having to find individual recipe items

Customize and maintain multiple grouped templates to create variations in real-time

Increase product process efficiency with the ability to accelerate orders

Filter and sort ingredient groups 

Remove the need for manual paperwork and streamline digital recipes in a cloud-based system 

Retrieve recipes easily without having to search manually

Scale and grow your business with improved customer satisfaction

Create a digital library for all your recipes

Create a digital library for all your recipes in one place. Easily include prep instructions, automate cost calculations with Insights, and view profit alerts in real-time. 

Set specific recipes for multiple locations and send them out by group 

Adjust recipes and save updates in a secure cloud-based system that handles it all