Create a kiosk menu that displays all possible combinations 

Customize your kiosk menu with more flexibility. Easily display all possible combinations that invite customers to create their own unique orders.

Manage customer traffic flow smoothly

Kiosk menus ensure a streamlined customer flow, even during peak hours. Employees can view and manage orders across connected devices that sync in real-time.

Showcase items on the kiosk that import directly from your price book 

View price book items and import it directly to display on the kiosk. With automatic syncing in real-time, you can update your menu without hassle.

Let customers input product preferences to guarantee accurate orders

Allow customers to easily input product preferences into the kiosk to reduce communication errors. Less errors provides more guarantee for precise orders and customer satisfaction.

Provide more flexibility with orders that allow for multiple items 

Allow customers to order multiple items simultaneously. More flexibility for orders helps customers determine the best combinations.

Simplify employee responsibilities for all front-end tasks

Simplify front-end tasks for all employees. Front-end tasks are easily resumed on connected devices to ensure all tasks are assigned and fulfilled.

Give customers the ability to pay at the kiosk or with a cashier

Give customers more options for payment methods. With kiosk and cashier options, you can streamline operations and appeal to all customer needs.