Unified Global Pricebook Management for Multiple Store Regions

Manage multiple store regions and locations with a universal price book that organizes everything all into one place. With the ability to track real-time sales, you can quickly adapt to changing markets from one simple dashboard.

Laptop screen displaying Modisoft price book management interface.
The laptop screen displays the Modisoft interface showing different features.

Tap into features with an intuitive interface 

Experience a user-friendly interface that includes a variety of features to suit your business needs. Easily tap into customizable options to optimize efficiency and quickly increase profits.

Simplify manual processes without the hassle

An employee standing in the convenience store is checking the stocks while holding the tablet.
The laptop screen displays the Modisoft segment location feature.

Create tailored pricing for diverse markets

Offer products at different prices across regions and stores to meet diverse market demands. Segment locations with adaptable software that adapts and meets the needs of your business.

A laptop screen displaying the advance price book feature opens on the Modisoft POs system dashboard.

View advanced pricebook features 

Customize solutions with secure systems

Modisoft comes with a highly secure cloud-based system that is easily customizable. Easily maintain operations from one convenient and secure dashboard. 

A woman using Modisoft cloud-based system on a tablet.
Screen displaying Modisoft convenience store POS system interface.

Update across stores and locations

Update items across multiple stores and locations without any hassle. From one dashboard, you can adapt and change your inventory items and pricing without having to be directly in store. 

Categorize items and develop price groupings

Effortlessly create item categories for simplified inventory management. With the ability to make price groupings, you can match or change pricing across stores. 

iMac Pro screen displaying pricing list of c-store opened in the Modisoft POS system dashboard.
An employee of a convenience store is standing at the checkout counter and scanning products purchased by the customer.

Receive real-time updates

View your price book in real-time and receive direct updates or modifications on your POS system. Real-time transactions offers faster reporting and direct feedback on sales. 

Manage centralized departments

Create and manage centralized departments to use items for multiple stores. Track progress and trending updates to develop promotions and boost sales based on data across locations. 

A laptop screen displaying various departments opened in the Modisoft POS dashboard.

View Master List

View a master list that includes all product carriers


Manage your item descriptions all in one place.

A C-store owner sitting in his home is using the Modisoft convenience store dashboard on his laptop and managing multiple locations conveniently while on a call.


Keep track of margins and manage costs for all items. 

An employee standing in the convenience store is opening the fridge to check the inventory while holding the tablet.

Retail price

Specifically set retail prices for inventory items. 

A female employee holding a tablet is opening a display fridge to check the inventory.

Rebates and discounts

Track rebates and discounts for all items. 

A female employee standing in the convenience store is holding a milk bottle and a tablet.

A price book conveniently built into the POS system

Process items efficiently and create accurate reports with a digital price book that is integrated into the POS system. The dashboard allows for straightforward processes that can easily be managed on a day-to-day basis. 

Screen displaying the Modisoft Point of Sale price check interface.

Access pricing directly on our mobile app

Manage your price book from the convenience of our app that offers daily insights, real-time updates, and reporting. The mobile app is easily accessed from anywhere, anytime. 

A female employee is on a call while viewing the Modisoft price book on the tablet.
iMac Pro screen displaying the Modisoft price book item report dashboard.

Receive comprehensive reports for all price book items

Experience accurate sales and margins with a complete and comprehensive report of price book items. By accessing the price book history, you can manage inventory easier with direct insights into purchases and customer interaction.