Improve your customer service with Modisoft Self-Serve Kiosks

Utilize limited space, reduce staff members, and deliver an exceptional customer experience with Modisoft Self-Serve Kiosks. With the Modisoft Kiosks system, you can accurately track customer activities, behaviors, and preferences.
Screen displaying Modisoft self-serve kiosk interface.
Screen displaying Modisoft Kiosk self-checkout interface.

Utilize kiosk features for self-checkout options

Utilize a variety of kiosk features to give your customers the opportunity for self-checkout options. With reduced wait times, your locations can operate with greater efficiency and remove confusion between orders and the kitchen. 

Customize your menu

Fully customize your menu with company branding and develop menus customers love. Organize customer favorites and categorize orders for clearer navigation and ease of use.

Screen displaying Modisoft self-serve kiosk menu interface.

Strategize your traffic flow

The female employee is helping two customers to use the Modisoft self-serve kiosk.

Keep a steady traffic flow with a strategy that keeps customers returning. Quick self-kiosk options increase foot traffic and overall sales by providing faster and more reliable service. 

A customer standing in the convenience store is placing an order on the Modisoft self-serve kiosk.

Provide the ability for customers to scan items easily. By utilizing faster techniques for shopping, customers can enjoy their purchases knowing they are getting exactly what they ordered. 

A couple with a kid is holding a shopping trolly cart filled with groceries in a convenience store.

Enhance your store’s efficiency by giving customers the opportunity to browse items, select their favorites, and checkout without having to wait in long lines. 

Screen displaying Modisoft self-serve kiosk payment method interface.

Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods

Screen displaying product category interface of Modisoft self-serve kiosk.

Categorize selections for faster checkout times

Customize product categories for customers to easily navigate menus, choose items, and checkout quickly. Browsing has never been easier for customers to enjoy finding and purchasing new or repeat items.