Organize employee info all in one place

Keep employee information organized all in one convenient dashboard. With Insights you can manage payroll and set schedules to match your smoke shop store needs. 

Manage payroll reports

Access payroll reports, even when you are not at your store locations. Insights shares real-time data and automatically updates with notifications sent to your connected devices. 

View past employee information

Review full reports from past hard-working employees who have shown dedication to their roles. A comprehensive log can show insights into employee shifts and past hours to inform upcoming tasks. 

Effortlessly create time sheets

Calculate schedules with Insights 

Manage employees with more efficiency to ensure tasks are completed for your stores.
Give employees the ability to start their day quickly with an automated clock-in system.
Customize schedules for employees to change shifts or request upcoming days off. 

Set schedules in bulk

Manage and set schedules for your different locations, employees, and teams within one app. One seamless dashboard helps you oversee multiple tasks to track shifts and organize multiple locations.