Manage table orders with seamless integration

Experience seamless integration that allows for easier management of table orders. View updated orders in real-time and organize by status in one convenient dashboard. 

Design your table layout to reflect your location

Design your table layout to accurately reflect your physical location. Visual table layouts help employees view orders and ensure delivery to the right customers. 

View a list-style layout that helps you coordinate orders

Switch to a list-style layout that assists with managing orders. Organize orders easily and update customers with accurate timelines. 

Easily group orders for specific customers 

Group orders together for each table, or manage specific customer order items to simplify table management. With a birds-eye view on all processes, you can manage orders quickly. 

Allow for split items or shared bill payments

Split items without issue or manage shared bill payments for all customers. With more flexibility, you can offer options customers are looking for. 

Give employees more time to focus on customers with a POS system that handles it all

Manage operations with a POS system that handles multiple tasks. With more options at your fingertips, employees are able to focus more on the customer experience. 

Create your floor layout and place objects to match specifications

Create your floor layout directly in the dashboard. Place objects that match specifications of each location for an accurate table view and order layout.