Hassle-free Inventory Management

Streamline your operations, optimize stock controls, and enhance efficiency with Modisoft inventory management system. Get access from anywhere, anytime, and keep control of your inventory efficiently.
grocery inventory management software by Modisoft

Keep your inventory organized

Keep your shelves stocked and organized with Modisoft Grocery POS. Modisoft helps you keep track of vendors, orders, and re-stocks with ease.

Manage grocery operations efficiently

Modisoft POS assists you in managing all your grocery operations smoothly. Having the capacity to handle all your grocery products gives you greater control and visibility over your inventory.

Get insights into customer trends & purchasing patterns

Modisoft inventory management system saves time and effort by giving personalized reports that provide accurate insight into customer trends and purchasing patterns.

View customized reports

Best selling items

View what items are trending and how customers are interacting with certain purchases. By learning what are best-sellers, you can cultivate promotional deals and manage inventory more effectively. 

Total sales

Keep an updated view of all sales, refunds, and discounts. View live data of total sales and create reports that generate how to predict future sales. 

Quantity of items in stock/sold

View consolidated reports for all transferred product items across stores. Track ordering statuses and delivery times to update inventory accordingly. 

Manage your tasks smoothly with the Modisoft mobile app

Handle your tasks like a pro with the Modisoft App. Get access to the daily tasks, operations, and much more, from anywhere at any time.

Monitor sales & transactions at closing

Modisoft inventory management system is built to empower grocery store owners by giving control over their day-to-day sales and transactions. With viable inventory management software in place, you can easily monitor your day-close sales, transactions, and much more.

Get a live view of full transaction receipts

Keep your inventory on track by viewing full transaction receipts in real-time. Modisoft’s Inventory management system allows you to monitor sales and track inventory, so you never get out of stock.