Give opportunity for customers to make payments at kiosks or with a cashier

Meet customer where they are at with the ability to make payments through a kiosk or with a cashier. Flexible options appeal to a variety of customers for an optimal order experience.
Screen displaying Modisoft self-serve kiosk payment method interface.
A man is using the Modisoft self-service kiosk.

Develop seamless ordering processes for faster payments

Deliver faster checkout times with flexible payment options that are reliable. With a seamless order process, customers are able to make purchases more directly.

Send orders to the back end for processing after purchases

In one dashboard, you can streamline orders to the back end for processing. Purchase data can be viewed in real-time for accurate reporting.
Screen displaying order completion interface.
The chef standing in the kitchen is holding a paper book.

Effortlessly prepare orders without complications from the front-end

Give your employees the ability to effortlessly prepare orders without communication issues from the front-end. Streamline orders with accurate prep information that provides customers with more reliable service.