Manage lottery in one convenient app for POS and mobile

Get instant access to lottery history reports for specific time periods

Receive comprehensive reporting for all selected time periods across locations. With instant access, you can track and send reports without delay. 

Check lottery inventory with ease

Directly view all lottery inventory within one dashboard that connects to all locations. Easier access helps you track live transactions and update inventory from anywhere. 

Scan lottery end numbers directly into Insights with our comprehensive mobile app

Keep track of lottery settlement records

One convenient dashboard allows for accurate tracking of lottery settlement records. Synchronized information across connected devices gives faster access to reports when you need it.

View lottery with commission without the hassle

Streamline your workload with direct import from POS for end numbers

Experience high security with cloud-based solutions

Customize your dashboard with greater flexibility to grow lottery sales

Get automatic sales data from our POS system without the need to manage manual paperwork

Effortlessly create lottery scratch offs and online lotto reports

Synchronize and update data with statistical graphics that inform current and future sales