Experience easy set up to manage online orders

Easily set up loyalty campaigns that connect with online orders. Customers can review their rewards and discover new ways to earn more within one customizable loyalty app.

Provide customers the opportunity to order directly

Customers can order directly within the app and choose which pick up or delivery options suit their needs. More flexibility for ordering helps your bar locations stay ahead of the game.

Allow customers to receive instant rewards 

Customers can easily earn and redeem rewards instantly with cloud-based reporting that updates in real-time. With a direct way to earn more, customers do not have to wait to view and receive loyalty rewards. 

Protect your bottom line with smarter revenue growth

Save more by switching to online ordering 

Easily calculate savings by taking away the need for third-party delivery vendors and switching to online ordering. Direct access to your store gives customers more options to support your bar locations without all the extra fees. 

Show more ways for customers to enjoy menu items they love

Show more ways for customers to enjoy the menu items they love from your locations with multiple order options. Create menus that are easily navigated online and on mobile devices.  

Get a custom designed loyalty and online app unique to your locations 

Advertise your business on your own app that gives customers the opportunity to order directly from you. Our customizable app helps deliver intuitive navigation to streamline customer orders that keep them returning.
Three mobile screens displaying restaurant pages in the Modisoft Cartzie app interface.

Give direct access for customers to sign in, earn, and redeem rewards

Customers are able to sign in, earn, and easily redeem rewards within one app that is unique to your business. Let your customers earn more with loyalty campaigns that increase foot traffic.