Get real-time updates of your fast food locations

Get access to track and view all your fast food locations from one convenient dashboard. Modisoft Multi-Location Management provides you with real-time updates for every location. You get transparency and accuracy in managing your fast food restaurants.
Screen displaying Modisoft sale POS live.
A young girl standing in front of the checkout counter is buying fast food from the food truck.

Update & manage your price book remotely

Synchronize inventory and manage your price book across multiple locations hassle-free. Modisoft Multi-Location Management System allows you to easily access data, update inventory, and track orders from one dashboard.

Customizable price book for your convenience

Modisoft provides you customizable price book with adjustable price zones that give you the freedom to easily update and manage prices across multiple locations.
Screen displaying Modisoft Cartzie global price book interface.
A young girl sitting in a restaurant is taking a burger bite while holding a beer.

Get live sales updates for all your locations

Switch to Modisoft to stay updated on every sale. You can view live sales for all your fast food locations from one central dashboard.

Create and adjust pricing zones 

Easily assign pricing to specific regions and restaurant locations from one dashboard. With the ability to control pricing from anywhere, you can adjust prices without hassle.
Screen displaying Modisoft product price book interface.
A female employee wearing an apron standing in the fast-food restaurant kitchen is using a tablet while attending a call.

Get a full overview of operations in one place

Get accurate reports for transactions & inventory levels

Prevent human error by saying goodbye to manual reports. With Modisoft Multi Location Management System you receive accurate reports for transactions and inventory levels.
Screen displaying Modisoft Send to POS interface.
Fast food restaurant chef is preparing fresh burgers.

Bring efficiency to your business operations

Get access to a variety of tools that give you the power to run your business operations more efficiently. With Modisoft Fast Food Restaurant Features, you can stay on top of business operations.

Instantly track every transaction

Monitor every transaction across all locations and stay updated on your inventory and sales. You can track transactions in real-time through one dashboard.
Screen displaying Modisoft sales data interface.