Automate your bar inventory management

Modisoft’s bar inventory management software is designed to help your bar or brewery reach greater profitability by letting you keep complete control of your business. Get the flexibility to view reports, order inventory, and track sales all through one convenient dashboard.

Screen displaying Modisoft sales POS live dashboard.
Two employees are using the tablet in the bar.

Get actionable insights

Make smarter inventory decisions with Modisoft Bar Inventory Management Software tools. Our reports give you the confidence you need to make data-driven decisions. You can easily track your inventory records and receive automated updates on bar inventory levels.

Organize your inventory effortlessly

Keep your inventory sorted by vendors to avoid unnecessary ordering. This helps you to free up your cash flow by preventing you from inventory overstock.

Screen displaying Modisoft global price book interface.
A young girl is working in the bar.

Keep track of customer trends

By switching to Modisoft you get the flexibility to track customer trends and purchasing habits. Our bar Inventory Management Software allows you to access reports based on trending products. This helps you to track your product performance, prevent low stock, and drive in more revenue.

Access tasks remotely

Access your tasks with your connected device from anywhere, anytime. With one convenient dashboard, you get the freedom to access your tasks, reports, and inventory from any place.

Screen displaying sales item log interface.
An employee wearing an apron is using the laptop.

Quickly transfer your inventory

Get access to transfer your inventory across multiple locations. You can easily track deliveries and stay updated on your stock levels.

Manage your Inventory operations

Utilize Insights to directly input items, upload spreadsheets for manually counted inventory, and get control over your inventory operations.

Screen displaying Modisoft product setup user and permission setting interface.
A bartender is extracting beer from the beer dispenser tap system.

Get Customized Reports

Get inventory count, mark zero inventory, and transfer inventory reports with a single click. By switching to Modisoft, you receive customized reports, detailed insights, and accurate data to make informed decisions. You save time, money, and sanity while running your bar smoothly.