Simplify tip integration with clear options for your customers

Create more transparent options for tips that simplify the process for customers. By creating more options, customers can pick and choose which option is best for them. 

Combine tips for payroll directly within our POS system

Experience smarter processes with the ability to combine tips and connect it directly to payroll. With automated processes, you can assure accurate tips make it to your employees. 

Create priorities for employee tips

Create and set priorities for all employees. Accurate allocation helps build trust and establish processes for all payments. 

Transfer daily tips to paychecks 

Experience less stress in allocating tips with effortless transfer of daily tips to paychecks. Precise calculations minimize common errors and eliminates the stress from payroll tasks. 

Provide multiple tip options for orders

Set multiple tip options that allow for flexibility on customer orders. With more direct visibility on cost and percentages, customers can match tips to their specified payments. 

Customize tip rules to match your specific employee needs

Develop tip rules to match your specific employee needs. Customize rules for each location and create a system that suits your business needs. 

Sync pooled tips in real-time to minimize payroll errors 

Automatically sync all pooled tips together in real-time. With less payroll errors, you can spend more time on other aspects of running your locations. 

Generate reports for employees with accurate tip information

Develop employee trust with clear communication

Generate tip reports that provide clear information for employees to learn and understand tip allocation. Simplifying the process helps develop trust to improve work ethic and connections with customers for store growth. 

Simplify your closeout process with automated tip-pooling 

Automate tip-pooling to simplify closeout processes. Easily closeout for the day with all tasks accessible from one dashboard. 

Distribute tips accordingly within mPOS

Distribute tips based on job type or across grouped jobs, all within mPOS. With access from any connected device, you can ensure accurate tip allocation for multiple employees and locations. 

Experience full flexibility for tip pooling without limits on the number of set rules 

Tip pooling without limits gives you full flexibility to manage your business how you want to. With no number of set rules, you can develop processes that meet locational needs. 

Manage cash and credit card tips with automatic updates to payroll

Manage different forms of payment types with automatic updates that pull through to payroll. Take cash or credit cards that provide customers more flexibility for payments. 

Create tipping options for seamless customer checkout

Streamline purchases and create faster checkout times with clear options. Set percentages and allow for customized tip options for seamless customer checkouts.