Organize employee info all in one place

Effortlessly calculate payroll reports

Insights gives you direct access to payroll reports from all locations. With the ability to view reports within one dashboard, you can track earnings, pay invoices, and view employee schedules. 

Review past employee activity

Review full reports of past hard-working employees with a comprehensive log of shifts and hours. Past logs can inform how to adjust employee shifts or assign roles. 

Simplify scheduling for your employees

Streamline calculations with Insights robust features

Utilize Insights to calculate tasks and schedule shifts to be completed by the right person for the job. 

Our easy mobile app provides a clock-in and out system to give employees the ability to start tasks without any delay. 

Allow for shift swaps and day off requests in a completely customizable scheduling platform. 

Manage scheduling with clear communication

Set varying schedules to meet your store needs with the right teams for the job. Simplified scheduling allows for clear communication and ensures a shift is always calculated for.