Manage smoke shop lottery in one comprehensive POS and mobile app

Select your time range and get instant lottery history reports

Experience complete reports that include selected time periods for faster reporting. A complete history helps your store manage sales and track growth with minimal effort. 

Access inventory from anywhere

Access your smoke shop lottery inventory from anywhere. Connect your devices to view orders, track deliveries and more with features that give you complete control over lottery management. 

Utilize mobile app features that allow for direct scans of lottery end numbers into Insights 

Record accurate lottery settlement

Synchronize information across connected devices to accurately track lottery settlement records. In one intuitive dashboard you can view direct reports or quickly adjust information from anywhere.

Keep record of lottery with commission in one place

Import end numbers seamlessly with our POS system and mobile app

Get customized solutions for secure cloud-based technology for all data

Maintain lottery sales with intuitive features that provide greater flexibility

Automatically receive updated data instead of working with manual paperwork

Create scratch off and online lotto reports instantly 

Sync data across devices without delay and view statistical graphics to inform future sales