Customize your POS menu to match your preferences

Easily customize your POS menu to streamline workflows and manage more. Match your processes to suit your preferences for easy navigation across all tasks. 

Categorize menus and updates by easily switching from the app to back office tasks

Easily switch from the app to back office to organize and categorize menus. Add updates and adjust menu items directly from within the dashboard. 

Customize order options with modifiers for toppings and add-ons

Offer the ability for customers to add their favorite toppings without hassle. Provide customizable options and view accurate order updates. 

Track delivery updates in real-time

Monitor inventory with real-time updates on deliveries. With accurate updates, you can streamline inventory management tasks based on delivery times. 

Organize inventory, track promotions, and create loyalty campaigns

Manage it all with efficient processes to organize inventory, monitor promotions in real-time, and create effective loyalty campaigns. Streamline tasks and create customer experiences that invite more sales.