Create a craveable experience with Modisoft Digital Menu

Modisoft Digital Menu provides you with the convenience of displaying all your menu items in your own brand style. Unlike traditional print menus, digital menu boards attract customers with their eye-catching appearance and let them spot their favorite meals and prices conveniently.
Screen displaying Modisoft digital menu board template interface.
A boy standing in a restaurant is looking at the Modisoft digital menu board.

Automatically display updated prices

Update your customers on your pricing by easily displaying updated prices on the Digital Menu. You can easily update prices in Modisoft Insights and view automatic syncing with your display.

Put your brand on display

Modisoft Digital Menu allows you to customize menu boards with your brand images. You have access to all of the features needed to keep your brand shining.
Screen displaying Modisoft digital menu template interface.
Three friends sitting in a restaurant are eating pizza.

Provide a seamless ordering & dining experience

Enhance your customer experience and increase your revenue with Modisoft Intuitive Digital Menu. With Digital Menu Boards you can drive company branding alongside location-specific services, showcase pricing, and highlight overlooked aspects of your business.